Construction Progress Photography

Construction progess photography has become an important tool to the building industry. Not only does it document with irrefutable proof that the project is being completed on schedule, but it can verify that materials and manpower are being safely and efficiently utilized as per the building contract.


You can impress business associates clients and friends by giving them a mounted and framed aerial print. Whether displayed in an office or conference room, an aerial photograph by Sky High Enterprises makes a lasting gift.


Attorneys use aerial photos to help settle property disputes, depict accident scenes, land or structure damage and dispositions of estates. We can give you a Sky High view of the land below!


Our retail site package includes multiple oblique views to the north, south, east, west and any other significant directions showing your site in the lower 1/3 of the foreground in the picture. Roads, housetops and competitors will be clearly shown. Upon completion of the shoot, enlargements can be selected from our numbered proofs, or to save you time, we will select the best views.

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